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Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) is an additive manufacturing process melting fine powders to directly build metal components.

Advantages of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS):

  • Powerful additive manufacturing process allowing design driven manufacturing
  • Thin wall and hollowing of components
  • Pressure tapped components & cooling channels
  • Fully dense, high performance materials
  • Substantial waste savings over machining
  • DMLS offers flexible batch production
  • Ideal for one-off prototypes and low volume production

Machine capabilities: The Renishaw AM250 & 3D Systems ProX200 are the two DMLS machines that we have in-house to build the metal sintered parts.

  • Typical lead-times 3 – 5 days
  • Typical tolerance ±0.04mm
  • Typical repeatability 0.02mm
  • Minimum wall thickness 0.2mm
  • Maximum build size 250 x 250 x 300mm
  • Typical surface finish 3-5 Ra before any machining or polishing


DMLS Maraging Steel (MS1) / M300 1.2709

Maraging steels form a class of iron alloys. This group of materials has a martensitic crystal structure and is strengthened via aging at approx 500°C, hence the name ‘maraging’. These ultra-low carbon alloys have a very high strength and hardness properties.