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Metal Plating

To break it down to the basics

3DDC plates 3D printed and plastic Additive Manufactured parts with a metal layer to suit your application.

Metalise it… service

The Metalise... it process was developed in-house by the experts at 3DDC. The process was originally formulated specifically for 3D printed and Additive Manufactured models, but it has also had impressive results with vacuum cast parts, plastic injection moulded components, carbon fibre and tooling board models, along with many other parts made from non-conductive materials.

The most important fact to note about the Metalise it… process and what it brings to 3D printed applications is that when the composite metal material is applied to the plastic part, it adds a structural coating as well as a cosmetic finish. The surface finish of 3D printed models has traditionally proved to be a limitation of the technologies. However, the Metalise it… process from 3DDC is an effective surface treatment of 3D printed parts that can drastically improve these limitations and in some cases eliminate them altogether. This, in turn, opens up endless new possibilities for both current and future 3D printing and AM technologies. Moreover, the ability to successfully metal coat layered plastic components with this process is also closing the gap between rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing applications. The benefit for the customer lies in the rapid availability of experimental and small series components whose mechanical characteristics are comparable in many respects with series production components.

Applying the Metalise it… process to specific parts has demonstrated improvements with mechanical properties such as strength, creep characteristics and ageing stability. Other advantages that the process offers to 3D printed models include resistance to moisture, temperature, humidity and corrosion, allowing the parts to be used in more aggressive and corrosive environments, which just would not be possible with the original plastic parts.


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